The Intricacies of Cheating in Exams.

When i was in class eight shortly after the end of term results were announced, our english teacher who was also our class teacher called us back to class for a short meeting. Frustrated as he was he told the top student in our class that he was number one among fools. To date i still dont understand what standard unit of measure he used to come up with such a statement. I assumed the rest, twenty nine of us were bieng reffered to as fools. This might as well not be a compliment to the top student because having competed with fools only makes one best of fools.
        I strongly believe the difference between a genious and a fool is the time taken to understand plus the ability to remember.
        This application in education makes the difference between the top to the bottom student. Practically it occurs whereby one remember correct answers to certain questions just after giving out the exam papers or running out of time during exams and sometimes both.
        When prof Fred Matian’gi was put in charge of the ministry of education, one significant change he made was erradication of cheating in national examinations. Later on massive drop of A students was clearly evident. The operation brought back genuine grades. So, where are the previous genuine grade? How could they be coping up?.
       Cheating in education is like corruption in politics, they both negatively affect a large number of honest people. For instance, the grading system in this country is averaged according to what the top student scored. If all those fake A,s were considered genuine then it must have affected the ‘genuine grade’ of a honest student. It’s likely that the Kenya National Examination Council might have been grading lots of fake grades. Who is to blame though? Could it be examiners for leakage or the candidates for embracing it?


      This disorder called cheating affects the next steps in life. Awarding critical positions to undeserving individuals. This sees through lots of gloomy people dragging along their certificates from institution to institution until reality kicks in, That certificate are better in use for verification.
      Just to affirm major effects caused by the assumption above includes many stray above average grades in streets and lots of succesful below average. ( includ
ing those who scored less than they had expected). 
       Lastly a part of the cheating generation gotta experience the consequences in future. But for the genuine grades its clear that education mustn’t define ones future, regardless of grades.  Afterall its no use crying over spilled milk.


Welcome to my world.

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